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Latest blog posts

Could we all be in Thunderbirds now we are in the 21st Century?

by Bob Barker
February 6, 2017
Wonders and Disruption

I find this picture fascinating because much of the Thunderbirds technology from the series back in mid 60’s we can all now have as a standard consumer products. This picture is a relation dressed as Santa this Christmas wearing a new Samsung Smart watch against a postcard from Thunderbirds of the “Thunderbirds Wrist Communicator” and […]


Seven reasons why executives need to upgrade their digital skills

by Bob Barker
January 3, 2017
Social Executive

As the cartoon depicts and implies, machines are getting constantly more intelligent and competent, while humans find it increasingly more difficult to keep up with the context of what’s possible in this digital age and the skills to take advantage of it. We could all do with an upgrade in our digital skills. I believe […]