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Our clients

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A video from the Leading Edge Forum where Bob & Thomas are Advisors and Associates

Thomas Power explains how Executives are falling out of context


Latest blog posts

Traffic on a street at night

To be Social or Not Social, that is the question, for professionals

by Bob Barker
January 21, 2015
Social Executive

Isn’t it interesting that good online behaviour works exactly the same online as it does offline? If we are good at sharing, we serve others with the generosity of our time and value, we are open to new contacts and ideas etc, we are considered to “be social” in the offline world as well as […]

Relaxing in the internet cafe

Don’t forget The Internet of People (IoP) is what its really all about

by Bob Barker
January 15, 2015
Wonders and Disruption

With all the talk of the Internet of Things being this years buzz word, bandwagon and FUD focus (fear, uncertainty and doubt created by the tech industry), its worth remembering its still really all about the what I call the Internet of People. The Internet, this amazing, democratizing resource for everyone, connecting everyone, giving everyone […]