Having pondered long and hard about why people never find the time to work on improving their digital skills, I think it has a lot to do with getting the motivation which can be provided by a Digital Immersion. This is because in this area we are in the world of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ so people genuinely don’t know what others are achieving or doing in this area, what tools are available, what is best practice as there are seemly 10 or more choices for each application or area of one’s digital life.

Tony Robbins has said that “Immersion events provide an explosion of motivation” as anyone who has been on one of his UPW (Unleash the Power Within – weekends) will testify – and I have. So how do we achieve this Digital Immersion?

The answer can be found in the Digital Experience Lab from the Leading Edge Forum or Xlab for short. I am now lucky enough to be involved in running these 2 day experiences for firms with Lewis Richards, where we look at both the latest digital technology (consumer based – i.e. what is out there already but at the Leading Edge) which can be applied to a business, immersing the executives in the stuff so they can haptically (posh word for sense and feel) understand what is going on. We also look at the personal digital world and skills immersing executives into reviewing and assessing their digital performance and what is possible, what they are missing or rather risking if they don’t do anything.



As far as digital skills are concerned we now spend 39% of our waking time online (Daily Mail Survey 2016), but we never get a coach to improve our skills. Its like most golfers or tennis players who every weekend practice bad habits around the course on on the court, and never get a coach to help them look at how to play better. With this in mind after the Xlab the LEF provides an online coach and takes the cohort who have just done the Xlab on a 21 day journey to improve their skills all augmented by a WhatsApp group.

As far as the business application of things learnt on the Xlab, the attending team  document (using digital approaches) what is learnt so it can be immediately shared with the rest of the organisation and we also help companies to set up their own Xlabs to roll out to their own organisations.

So if you are interested in the Xlab you can find out more on the LEF website or do contact me direct and I can talk you through more about how we do what we do.

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