As the cartoon depicts and implies, machines are getting constantly more intelligent and competent, while humans find it increasingly more difficult to keep up with the context of what’s possible in this digital age and the skills to take advantage of it. We could all do with an upgrade in our digital skills.

I believe executives cannot fully understand the business opportunities and requirements of the 21st Century Organization unless they first upgrade their own digital skills with first-hand experience and understanding of the technologies being so rapidly adopted by the market and the digital mindset which accompanies them.

“Digital skills” covers many bases but here we are not talking about coding or digital marketing, we are talking about the “how to use a computer (or smartphone) and its software” digital skills, which many executives have never had the time or patience to learn other than the basics to get by. Listed below are the potential consequences of not upgrading ones skills based on a framework of what the 21st Century Digital Human/Executive should have:

1.    Being less visible, not looking good online – less attractive

2.    Not being well informed – missing opportunities, missing context

3.    Operating in a paradigm of the 20th Century, not with a 21st Century mindset or toolset – less value to the firm

4.    Being seen as slow to respond or make decisions

5.    Not being in the loop internally – not using collaborative tools

6.    Not seen as a dynamic leader – someone with Full Tummy Syndrome (see blog post of the Sept)

7.    Stressed out and unhealthy – not tracking the warning signals

Lewis Richards and I have recently written a paper ‘Executive Upgrade Required’ on this topic and why we believe that the immersion experience provided by the Xperience Labs (Xlabs) we run at the LEF can be a key catalyst to get the thinking and motivation going for executives. Not only do you have hands on with all the latest technologies but we also review your overall Digital Profile as a 21st Century Human and post Xlab provide 4 weeks of digital coaching to help.

Do please let me know what you think. #UpgradeYourself

This blog was first published by Bob Barker on LinkedIn. Follow Bob for more posts on Social Media and Digital Skills.