I find this picture fascinating because much of the Thunderbirds technology from the series back in mid 60’s we can all now have as a standard consumer products. This picture is a relation dressed as Santa this Christmas wearing a new Samsung Smart watch against a postcard from Thunderbirds of the “Thunderbirds Wrist Communicator” and a message coming in from Gordon Tracy – T4.

I am sure many of us spend some of Christmas on Skype or Facebook Messenger to our nearest and dearest in far flung parts of the world and although I don’t have ipad’s stuck on the wall, one for each of my children, that flash when they are calling – like the pictures on the wall on Tracy Island, but we do prop an ipad up in the kitchen at eye level so we can carry on doing stuff while listening/watching people sharing their news.

Below is picture of Brains playing Chess with his robot and I suppose the Christmas 2016 equivalent is all the Alexa’s which were purchased. What is amusing in our house is we are all too polite to Alexa “would you mind awfully turning down the volume” – I guess we are all needing to learn command language.

I wonder what, Scott(T1), Virgil(T2), Alan(T3), Gordon(T4) and John (T5 the guy in the Space Station – again pretty forward thinking for the mid 60’s) would have made of AR/Hololens, or VR or drones (did they have drones on Thunderbirds?). They had hover bikes – we aren’t there yet on those – unless I am missing something? – Segways don’t count.

The point is in the 21st Century (interesting that Gerry Anderson the creator of Thunderbirds called his company 21st Century Productions) we all have access to an amazing amount of technology but how do you find out about what is available?, what is applicable to your business? and keep up with everything that is going on? The answer is building a strong sensing function in your organisation as well as encouraging and training employees to skill up for the 21st Century, track markets and leaders on social channels, blogs, at events etc.

At LEF as far as sensing in the area of consumer technology and digital skills we have these things to offer:

1.    The 21st Century Human Podcast – find in on itunes here

2.    Technology Trends and Me research – VR & Me Episode 1


3.    The LEF Monthly research commentary – you can sign up here

4.    21st Century Human Xperience Labs – 1 or 2 days of digital immersion for both individuals and the organisation – find out more here

So hopefully for you this was a FAB post (did FAB stand for Fully Acknowledged Broadcast? or just FAB? it was the 60’s ) and I for one are looking forward to my hover bike.

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