Digital Immersion Experiences

xlabsThe pace of change in the area of digital and disruption has moved so fast it is hard for anyone to keep up from both a market context perspective and from a digital skills perspective

In order to get up to speed, we believe it is about having an immersive experience, in the context of your business, which acts as a catalyst on executive understanding, context, thinking and skills to make an impact on them and the business.

We work as part of the Leading Edge Forum to facilitate Xperience Labs (Xlabs) which are ideally two-day, but can be one day, practical ‘hands on the technology’ and ‘learn by doing’ workshops, providing a personal upgrade towards becoming a 21st Century Executive.  We also believe executives cannot fully understand the business opportunities and requirements of the 21st Century Organization unless first one upgrades one’s own digital skills and experiences the technology being rapidly adopted by the market.

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