Digital and Social Skills Training for Executives


Bob with the Microsoft UK Board

We have worked with many large organisations on lots of different types of training and coaching programmes with regard to social media and digital skills coaching.

Our differentiation is the fact we have both been in the technology industry for 30 years and both hold and have held senior board level positions in companies of all shapes and sizes, which means that senior people will listen to us. Thomas with his 100,000 following on Twitter a pedigree on social since its beginning has huge insight and wisdom to share, Bob with his background in marketing in corporates can make sure any content and programme is tuned to the marketing departments requirements.

We can do 2 to 4 hour catalyst sessions, followed by individual coaching sessions looking at the core process, social set up, digital skills and publishing/promotion approach for executives.

We can also combine this training within a digital immersion experience (Xlab) and then follow up with individuals following that workshop.

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