Followers as a Service

When we work with executives on their social media, the line that we hear is often “I hate social media but I want to look good online”. Executives, even CEO’s know that their personal brand is now extremely import when it comes to the trustability, warmth and ‘being seen as being current in the 21st Century” in terms of their success online. The immediate measure as to whether someone has an influence and a brand online is the number of followers they have on Twitter. However, what has also changed on social media in the last couple of years is that wears one used to be able to gain followers by sheer volume and quality of content, now because of the way the platforms run, one needs to pay to play in order to build a personal brand.

So we have developed what we call ‘Followers as a Service’ which includes the coaching and set up around social media for an executive (Executive Listening Service), training their team/marketing to support them, ongoing coaching on content and engagement, as well as a range of tools to advertise the executives content and Tweets in order to grow followers.

If you are interested in this service please contact us.

An “Executive Listening Service”